Paradise Interrupted - Spoleto

Installation opera with interactive / live generated images.
Spoleto May 2015

This opera blends Western and Chinese traditions in a poetic story that evokes both the stories of the Garden of Eden and the Peony Pavillion. The Opera, composed by Huang Ruo, directed and designed by Jennifer Wen Ma and with librettos by Ji Chao, follows a woman whose voice activates a world where her search for an unattainable ideal takes place.

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Window Installation for the New York Mikimoto store during the 2014 Holiday Season

Fireflies dance over a paper garden creating an illusion of an underwater fairy tale.
Custom software, Single-board computer, projector, paper, semi-transparent mirrors

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You Can See Where You're Going

Guangzhou December 2013

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Paradise Interrupted - Performa 2013

Workshop and performance
Performa Institute - November 2013

Paradise Interrupted is an opera in development that presents a world activated by a lone voice in search of an unattainable ideal. For Performa this opera was presented as a workshop in which Jennifer Wen Ma created a large-scale three-dimensional wall garden in paper, had a public workshop of the opera in progress and concluded with a couple of performances by Qian Yi set within the paper garden and interactive projections on the garden.

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Water Cube!

This is a great project I worked on by Jennifer Wen Ma ( I did the creative technology direction )
We are controlling the individual "bubbles" surrounding the structure. Each day has it's own different animation based on the I-ching, modified by the mood of the day on Weibo, the Chinese twitter.

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