You Can See Where You're Going

Guangzhou December 2013

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Paradise Interrupted - Performa 2013

Workshop and performance
Performa Institute - November 2013

Paradise Interrupted is an opera in development that presents a world activated by a lone voice in search of an unattainable ideal. For Performa this opera was presented as a workshop in which Jennifer Wen Ma created a large-scale three-dimensional wall garden in paper, had a public workshop of the opera in progress and concluded with a couple of performances by Qian Yi set within the paper garden and interactive projections on the garden.

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Water Cube!

This is a great project I worked on by Jennifer Wen Ma ( I did the creative technology direction )
We are controlling the individual "bubbles" surrounding the structure. Each day has it's own different animation based on the I-ching, modified by the mood of the day on Weibo, the Chinese twitter.

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Reproduction Is Prohibited

Software, cameras, sensors, screen, and wooden furniture

This piece is contemplative, and at times reveals just how hard the machine is trying to see, to truly understand what is going on.
When the viewer approaches the piece he first sees a mirror, a projection showing the room he is in. But as he gets closer the mirror refuses to show the viewer's face, showing his back instead.
The installation talks to Magritte's painting, but while Magritte was talking about the gaze of the collector and what is behind the painting, this one adds the gaze of the painting itself, while keeping up the conversation about the human condition and the substance of art.

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Email Signature for Outlook

I do lots of little VB coding to automate tasks at work. Work is primarily a windows environment.

I was asked to make a standard signature for everyone in the office.

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