LaForce + Stevens, Director of IT and Creative Services, New York City

04/2009 - 12/2013

  • Manage the IT department and the Design Center
  • Sys admin at large, keep the servers running, make new servers, develop applications (java, php, mysql and VB), webmaster the site, manage the intranet and oversee the helpdesk.
  • Manage the Designers, develop new services, oversee the art production
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Systems Administrator Consultant, New York City


  • Maintenance and support for the email, file, print and web servers at LaForce & Stevens
  • Creation and management of storage system including a NAS, DFS, policies and structure
  • Creation and management of Backup systems and policies for all servers
  • Design and programming of various applications and databases for LaForce & Stevens such as the image archive, contacts database and dropbox.
  • Setup and administration of Remote Office including networking between the two cities (including VPN and DFS)
  • Support and helpdesk for LaForce & Stevens, a PR company (90 PC units).
  • Webmaster for the Kevorkian center at NYU:
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P.S. 75 Part-time Project Manager, New York City


  • Brought on board to define and implement the collaboration between the King Juan Carlos Center and P.S. 75.
  • Researched users and needs and used this to create programs to respond to the Dual Language needs of the teachers and students.
  • Designed and created web based solutions for content delivery aimed at the teachers.
  • Allocated the NYU budget for resources in P.S. 75.
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Freelance Web QA analyst, New York City


  • HTML, Javascript and ASP QA for the Spanish version of (
  • Created a web-based phone directory using ASP, SQL and Access.
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MCKINSEY & CO, Pittsburgh

10/1999 - 11/2001
Project Manager and Graphic/Web Specialist

  • Led the Presentation Production Process project team. This project produced recommendations that when implemented resulted in clear process and service improvements (faster production times with better quality).
  • Led the Teamwork project team. Researched current working environment, developed a project plan, defined goals and objectives, specified tasks, resources, defined and allocated budgets, and implemented the plan with evaluation milestones to ensure quality. This project resulted in strengthening of the relationships and teamwork between Consultants and Support Staff (The evaluation criteria indicated improvements of a minimum of 25% more satisfaction with the working environment).
  • Special Projects Management. Led small teams of creative personnel for the development of special graphic and web projects. Worked with the clients to develop initial concepts. Developed and managed timelines and budgets. Set goals, deliverables and evaluation criteria for these and followed up on the quality of the design.
  • HTML, Javascript and design QA for various Firm intranets (functionality, usability and Firm standards adherence.) Executed the testing and followed through to maintain top quality and company standards.
  • Created graphic material for client and firm presentations.
  • Trained users on HTML, Dreamweaver, Flash, Access, Excel, PowerPoint and PhotoShop.
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01/1997 -07/1999
National Service Manager/National Technology Manager

  • Co-led the start up of the pilot center and master franchise in Colombia.
  • Developed and implemented quality control methods for IT.
  • Created IT policies for the company.
  • Executed IT purchasing and budgeting for all franchises.
  • Developed worldwide IT solutions.
  • Directed implementation of these solutions and did software QA on the same. (Created and executed test plans, and test cases, QA on documentation as well as follow through on bugs and improvements)
  • Built, trained, and managed the service team, and took it to the next level of service.
  • Developed new business by opening four franchises. These four openings involved complex projects that included recruiting, training and developing the service teams; budget creating, management and distribution for the creation of these franchises; initial academic material procurement and management for each center.
  • Helped exceed marketing targets by 300% through the development of new products.
  • Followed up on academic and service quality reports from the franchises to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Enforced standards, quality and branding in all franchises.
  • Interfaced with other departments to develop market strategies, service lines, resolve conflicts and improve customer service.
  • Delivered customer service for the pilot and franchises when needed.
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11/1993 -12/1997
Freelance Editor, Copy editor, Translator, Writer

  • Worked on projects for the Literature, Education, Technical and General Interest departments.
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11/1995 - 01/1998
Owner and Manager
Founded, designed and managed the bar.

  • Managed all aspects including Human Resources (for a staff of 20), Marketing, Business Development, Provisioning, PR, Security, and Sales.
  • Held local band contests.
  • Developed 3 bands and produced a CD with a local band.
  • Increased the value of the company and sold it for 400% of its initial value.
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01/1996 - 01/1997

  • Head of Science and Computer Departments
  • Participated in the creation of a Middle School.
  • Led the science and computer teams.
  • Designed the science curriculum for all grades.
  • Project Manager for the school?s software and database acquisition and design.
  • Defined acceptance criteria, created and executed test plans, communicated with the developers and followed up on bugs, improvements and fixes for the school's financial and administrative software.
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01/1995 - 01/1996
IT Teacher

  • IT teacher and Web Design Team member.
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07/1993 - 12/1994
Managing Editor

  • Expanded readership ten times original size in a year and a half.
  • Built up and led the news and editorial team.
  • Developed new production procedures. Learned and participated in all the steps inherent to the editorial process ranging from news reporting to page design and printing.
  • Streamlined the production process with these procedures resulting in 40% overall time savings and 30% headcount reduction.
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06/1990 - 06/1993

  • English, Science, and Math Teacher
  • Taught native speakers using American curricula.
  • Transformed the fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth grades into a middle school.
  • Directed 2 seminars for teachers on developing thinking skills in students and teaching science constructively.
  • Tested and refined a middle school science program developed by BSCS.
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06/1989- 05/1990

  • Taught English using American Curricula in seventh grade.
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01/1988 - 03/1989
Programming and Systems Design Analyst

  • Designed, programmed and implemented expert systems for 2 major companies in Colombia.
  • Created communication systems for agro-industrial companies and financial institutions.
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